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Ensuring Security & Compliance

Robust network security is a must-have for any organisation that values its data. But for many, that’s just the start – they must also meet stringent criteria laid down in information security standards like ISO27001, PCI/DSS, N3, Business Impact Levels (e.g. IL2, IL3), and CoCo.

Staying secure and compliant is a challenge at the best of times, but trends towards flexible working, cloud computing, mobility and BYOD make it even more complex. Ensuring the required security standards are applied across internal networks, hosted applications and remote devices – especially as employees are starting to use their own smartphones and tablets – is becoming a major issue.

Achieving effective network security requires appropriate configuration and the use of multiple-protection layers, from the perimeter of the network (which, for some organisations, is no longer restricted to corporate devices accessing the LAN or WAN, but extends to any device, anywhere) to the data stored within specific applications. Neglect any one layer and a system is open to exploits. This makes ensuring all devices and applications are up to date with the latest security and protection patches a full-time operation.

We offer a range of advanced network security services for securing your entire IP infrastructure in line with the industry standards you need to meet, from internal LAN and telephony systems to WANs, VPNs, public networks and cloud computing environments. We’ll ensure that all known threats are considered, categorised and applied to a security policy, which is referenced at every stage of your network’s design and implementation as well as the day-to-day management of your infrastructure.

Contact us to find out how Networks First can ensure your network is secure and compliant with all relevant standards, using our Advanced LAN Security service and bespoke security consultancy.
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