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Supporting Mobility and BYOD

Most organisations understand that there are major productivity benefits to be gained from allowing users to work flexibly and use multiple devices to get work done. But BYOD and mobility also present many challenges for IT teams.

The challenges of BYOD and mobility include:

Multiple devices and platforms: BYOD raises questions about which devices to allow (and how to manage them), which devices and platforms to support, and how applications, data and network access can be safely and consistently delivered to them.

Information security risks: Flexible working, mobile device use and wireless network access can all pose serious security and compliance threats, especially when a device or USB stick is lost, stolen or hacked. But heavy-handed security measures can frustrate users and slow down productivity.

New user demands: With users demanding BYOD solutions, new collaboration tools, seamless application performance from any location and support for unfamiliar devices and applications, IT can feel like it’s losing control.

IT departments need to manage their LAN, wLAN, Firewall and WAN infrastructure in new ways, implementing robust yet user-friendly security solutions to manage onsite and remote access while ensuring consistent application delivery and performance regardless of location or device. But the rate of change in users’ preferred technologies and work styles can make it difficult to keep pace.

Areas of Mobility Impact


The Issues & Challenges of Mobility by Networks First

At Networks First we have a proven track record in designing and delivering the network security, availability and performance needed to provide location and device flexibility for workers.

Developing Your Mobility Strategy by Darryl White - Networks First

Contact us for more information on how we can help, from creating your mobility strategy roadmap to implementing a managed wireless LAN and providing a suite of productivity tools to help users get the maximum benefit from mobile and remote working.
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