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Application Delivery

Every company needs to evolve with the changing business environment and realign its IT to meet the challenges. Mobile and remote working is here to stay, increasingly on a global scale, and if you want to reap the benefit of cloud computing, virtualisation and application delivery, your LAN and WAN need to be optimised. Your customers, both internal staff or external and partners, expect to be able to access applications wherever they are, and don’t want their location or device to affect performance.

Implementing new technologies should never have a negative impact on application delivery. You need to ensure that essential applications perform as required, and control or eliminate the irrelevant applications that simply sap resources.

We can help you optimise your network to ensure application delivery so your customers, wherever they are in the world, have the same user experience as they would in an office. Delivered through a combination of WAN optimisation services and network lifecycle management, including User Experience Monitoring to benchmark the customer experience, we will ensure your network delivers your applications efficiently to the business.

We can deliver life-time support for application delivery, from strategic planning through implementation to optimisation. We’ll investigate the effectiveness of your current network through network audits, provide network health checks, user experience monitoring and, if you don’t want to manage all of this yourself, our Management Service will integrate seamlessly with your existing in-house skills.

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