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Networking for the Cloud

Cloud computing offers considerable benefits, from reduced infrastructure and licensing costs to more efficient and focused use of IT resources. At the same time, moving to the cloud can create many network challenges, whether it’s a private cloud infrastructure, SaaS applications hosted in the public cloud or applications outsourced to a third-party data centre.

Many of the challenges are associated with the underlying complexity of cloud based networking and  cloud computing:

Network complexity: Virtualising applications and storage in a centralised data centre (a typical private cloud approach) means taking a fundamentally different approach to enterprise networking. A high-density, virtualised data centre needs a unified fabric, composed of new, high-spec networking equipment for seamless throughput on data and storage networks.

Contractual complexity:  Hosting one or more applications in a public cloud or third-party data centre environment brings the prospect of multiple contracts and SLAs, with multiple vendors involved. Managing those contracts and vendors can be a major challenge, especially when a support issue arises.

Security:  Maintaining applications outside the corporate firewall makes it more complex to ensure information security, particularly when users are accessing applications over home or public wireless networks using an array of mobile devices.

Performance:  Users expect high-quality application availability and performance regardless of their own location or device, and regardless of the physical location of the application they’re using. That means monitoring application performance inside and outside the firewall to ensure a smooth user experience at all times.

The Issues & Challenges of Moving to the Cloud

Networks First can help with all of the network demands created by moving to the cloud, including strategy and capacity planning, designing, building and securing the network, end-to-end network management and monitoring, vendor and contract management, and ongoing support.

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