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Introducing New Technology

The impacts of implementing new technology should never be underestimated. New technologies such as cloud and unified communications have the power to increase IT flexibility and employee productivity, but their impact on your network can be considerable. The more dispersed the network, the applications and user base are, the greater the challenge. You need to define what your network is and how you’re going to manage it securely.

Delivering a unified communication network that supports the convergence of different systems to deliver voice, data and video over IP infrastructure is never easy – as all of these communication vehicles bring their own unique issues and challenges.

Our Professional Service Consultants can guide you through the maze of evolution towards a unified network, and steer you through each stage of introducing new technology and ensure that you emerge unscathed. Or, if you’d like to understand the benefits and impact of moving “into the cloud” click here.

It’s unlikely that you’ll be overhauling your entire system, so any new technology will have to be integrated, and you may well end up with a multi-vendor network that you may not have the skills in-house to implement or support. Even when integrated, you need to be sure that your network’s performance isn’t going suffer, as new applications can be notoriously bandwidth hungry.

If your staff are struggling to keep up with the skills needed to manage your multi-vendor network, why not find out more about our managed multi-vendor network solutions.

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