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With the speed and magnitude at which technology changes, it is easy to lose sight of the goal of the network – to provide users with connectivity to their applications. The Local Area Network (LAN) that provides this connectivity is obviously a key component in providing users with information.
As with all technologies, enhancements across LAN infrastructures have developed quickly in recent years, with a variety of solutions on the market to provide wired and wireless connectivity to end user devices and security solutions that allow for corporate, BYOD and guest devices.

Fortunately, the LAN is at the core of Networks First business. We have grown as a business from a start point of the LAN, its in our blood and something we are very passionate about. Our history means we can provide the best advice, guidance and associated services around all areas of LAN technologies. We can help customers shape their LAN for the working practices of tomorrow, whilst ensuring technology investments provide excellent value and return on their investment.

In today’s ultra-connected world, employees expect LAN-like performance and availability from the Wide Area Network (WAN) regardless of whether they operate from a branch office or in head office. With fast broadband speeds in their homes everyone is less forgiving of performance issues in the office.

Legacy networks now face extra demands of unified communications and real time applications which they weren’t necessarily designed for. And with the growth in cloud computing, availability to ensure access to applications is all important. Hardware, software, the latest applications, and the resources to pull it all together (as well as connectivity) are what it takes to properly manage the WAN.

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