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Where available, Networks First has access to vendor end of sale (EOS) and end of life (EOL) notifications and can include this information on the Support Service quotations which we provide.

If the network hardware is coming to its end of sale (EOS) or end of life (EOL) Networks First can continue to maintain the hardware, either using like-for-like replacements or generic spares, and will continue to provide support services up until the point that the EOL hardware can no longer be repaired.

These vendor notifications can be beneficial when evaluating existing network infrastructures and planning for future network requirements.

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End of Sale (EOS) Date

This is the date issued by the manufacturer which refers to the point at which manufacture of the product is scheduled to cease, or the date the product will no longer be available through normal manufacturer accredited sources. Frequently EOS dates are accompanied by the End of Life (EOL) date.

End of Life (EOL) Date

This refers to the point at which the manufacturers will no longer provide hardware or software support for the product. The EOL date is typically between 3 and 5 years after the EOS date.

Note: Some manufacturers refer to the EOL date as the ‘End of Support’ date.

Networks First Support Service

Our Service Delivery team will continue to support EOL products, using like-for-like replacements or generic spares, and will be happy to support the hardware until it is past the point of repair. We will also load your current operating software onto the replacement hardware (subject to the version being made available to Networks First).

However, where licences are required to be transferred from a failed device to the replacement device and require the assistance of the manufacturer to issue new licences, Networks First will not be able to provide hardware support after the manufacturer’s EOL date.

Neither Networks First nor the manufacturer of the hardware will provide any software support or TAC support after the EOL date.

You should also bear in mind that after the EOL date the manufacturer will no longer release any software updates, bug fixes or security alerts for the devices, increasing the risk of outages on the network and leading to lost productivity.

Customers must accept the increased risk of maintaining and using EOL hardware, and should also consider the implications for compliance requirements and the increased cost of ownerships resulting from the need for internal support resources to restore service to users.

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