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Wireless Site Survey Services

With Wireless LAN fast becoming a business critical part of most organisations network infrastructure, implementing and deploying a WLAN solution effectively is more important than ever.

Unfortunately, the nature of WLAN means a deployment can be affected by many different factors, some in and some outside of an IT teams control. Building layouts, construction methods and user density can all have a major impact on the success of even the most well thought thorough WLAN designs.

Luckily Networks First can help. Our Wireless LAN Site survey is an essential part of the design process, taking sophisticated surveying equipment from the industry’s leading vendors to create or verify a WLAN design.

Crucially, our WLAN Site surveys look at not just coverage levels but also performance levels, showing you exactly where and what access points, antennas and WLAN infrastructure should be deployed to ensure users can access IT services in a fast and seamless manner.

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What our WLAN Site Survey Reports Entail

Deliverables of a Networks First WLAN Site Survey include:

  • Vendor agnostic approach means surveys are performed using vendor equipment specific to your implementation, such as Cisco, Aruba or HP. This ensures the results take into account any difference in vendor WLAN performance and technology
  • Fix priced surveying ensures no hidden charges part way through a survey
  • Full report detailing access points and antennas required, location and mounting requirements – especially useful for verifying ‘rule of thumb’ designs or drafting RFP requirements
  • Report includes floor plans so you can see expected coverage and performance levels using easy to understand colour ‘maps’
  • Evaluation of the impact of additional services added over time, such as VOIP or RTLS on the WLAN infrastructure

Our Network Services

Wireless Site Surveys are the first step in delivering future wireless projects. Find more information on how Networks First can deliver a wireless solution project, Support Services and Managed Wireless Network Services below:

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