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Transformation Testing

Whether it’s public-sector cuts, private-sector consolidation or technology inspired evolution, delivering ‘change’ is now the common theme for network managers. Demands on your network are increasing. Technology, such as virtualisation and cloud computing, as well as changing business practices, homeworking and worker mobility, all take their toll on your IT infrastructure.

Networks First’s Transformation Testing is an innovative new service that emulates a wide area network prior to roll-out of any major transitions, and shows the impact of implementing the new services. When deploying new services you need to know if your existing infrastructure will handle the new traffic. What bottlenecks exist and what will the effect be on existing applications and services?

Our Transformation Testing emulates precisely how different applications will perform on your network under specific circumstances. This enables you to:

  • Identify dips and delays, and zero in on their cause
  • Reach informed decisions on which applications you can support effectively today, and which applications have to wait
  • Pinpoint where different technologies are negatively affecting overall performance.

These insights can then be used to optimise your infrastructure before rolling out new services, ensuring minimal disruption to users of both the new and existing applications. You can then accurately plan for future growth and build a better business case for investment.

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