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Managed WAN Services

In today’s ultra-connected world, employees expect LAN-like performance and availability from the WAN regardless of whether they operate from a branch office or in head office. With fast broadband speeds in their homes everyone is less forgiving of performance issues in the office.

Legacy networks now face extra demands of unified communications and real time applications which they weren’t necessarily designed for. And with the growth in cloud computing, availability to ensure access to applications is all important. Hardware, software, the latest applications, and the resources to pull it all together (as well as connectivity) are what it takes to properly manage your WAN.

Carriers may advise more bandwidth is the answer in ensuring performance and availability – but that is only part of the picture. Our approach is to ‘right-size’ rather than over-specify bandwidth, analyse to understand and effectively manage the network, and optimise to guarantee performance.

Right-Size Your WAN
Carrier agnostic, Networks First is specialists in networking rather than basic resellers of WAN services. Our approach is not to simply add more bandwidth (and hope). By developing a better understanding of your business applications, traffic flows and current spend you can get more from less – or perhaps more from the same. In a world where applications and employees are demanding but budgets are tight, our aim is to right-size, not oversize, your network.

Analyse and Tune
To ensure high availability of your business communications you need greater visibility of your network. Our approach is to blend network optimisation techniques with bandwidth to ensure we keep your network traffic moving. Networks First’s value is in providing the expertise to interpret potential service affecting issues and the resource to take proactive action to mitigate these challenges. As we gain an understanding of your combined LAN and WAN infrastructure we will fine tune it to meet the evolving demands on the network.

Optimise Performance and Availability
Networks First manage your wide area network proactively, not just the termination points of the WAN but all dynamic Layer 3 devices on your network – both LAN and WAN. This helps identify vulnerabilities which often go undetected as they lie outside of the typical carrier demarcation, and reduces diagnostic time on network issues. Going beyond the ‘standard’ managed service ensures that we can offer and end-to-end Quality of Service policy, free-up bandwidth; improve response times and application delivery within a finite WAN bandwidth specification.

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