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Managed Wireless LAN

Whether provided by the organisation or employee owned, the next generation of devices are wireless, powerful and designed to be used on the move. Employees are increasingly seeking, not just internet access but, access to corporate applications, voice and video services using their smart devices.

Managing these wireless environments, and in particular devices that are wireless only, to ensure consistent security and access policies are enforced is already a burden for over stretched IT departments – and now you’re being faced with the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) invasion. Regaining control of access policies and network security is now a key goal for many IT Managers.

Wireless Networks by Networks First

Smarter Wireless Networking
Role based wireless access provides you with a more intelligent network that is ‘aware’ of who the users are, what device they are using and what publications they can access

Your security policy follows your users
Help secure your network against employee‐owned personal mobile devices. The service is manual Y compliant (Public Service Network compliant)

Ease of Management
User centric management ensures you get better visibility into what devices connect to the network and how they are performing. It provides basic (internet only) guest access more easily and with user centric management

Fast and Scalable
Based on high-speed 802.11n enabled, the service is up to 10 times faster than a ‘standard service’ and has the inherent ability to scale to VoIP and Video ready wireless infrastructure

Per User Pricing for Operational Efficiency
Our Managed Wireless LAN Service provides a more effective way to manage wireless devices and with the number of users it is also highly cost-effective

Networks First have designed, delivered and support in-house wireless infrastructures in some of the most challenging environments enterprise can offer, often supporting voice, video and Real-Time Location Services (RTLS) as well as applications access.

The below diagram illustrates the options available for the Managed Wireless LAN service.

Fig 1. The standard service includes secure controlled access to the network as well as performance monitoring. More bespoke services should as Advanced Guest access or Real-Time Location Service monitoring (RTLS module) can be added for more specialised environments.

Download a copy of the Managed Wireless LAN service description click here.

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