Whether you are deploying VoIP, a Wireless network or deploying video, you need to ask yourself a key question. Will your current network be able to support the new demands place on it?

Pre-Deployment Benefits

Networks First are able to conduct assessments for:


  • vendor agnostic service
  • identification of potential issues


  • simulates traffic over the network
  • measures for delays, jitter and packet loss

Wireless Site Surveys

  • uncover suitable access point locations
  • identify modifications and planning requirements

Networks First can assess and understand the existing state of your network and what effect new services would have on it.

Our pre-deployment network assessments are an unbiased review, and cover:

  • VoiP or IPT implementations
  • Video conferencing projects
  • Unified communications planning
  • Wireless LAN implementations.

Broken into two distinct phases, firstly our pre-deployment assessment evaluates the current design and implementation, to discover existing issues, suggests modifications to ensure that any deployment is successful and tests the network to ensure a successful deployment. This second phase is deployment of the suggested changes at the customer site.

IP telephony assessments

We’ve been certified to conduct Cisco and Avaya CIRS tests since 2005, and are able to perform manufacturer agnostic assessments, using industry-standard software for modelling voice quality.

These assessments provide:

  • Manufacturer specific advice, which includes and design and implementation best practices for IP telephony
  • Active Call Quality Test - using simulated VOIP Traffic to determine industry standard voice quality MOS ratings through the anticipated voice paths across the network infrastructure

Wireless site survey
This can cover traditional DECT as well as IP standards.

Video Readiness Assessment
This simulates the traffice over the network and determines if the network will support IP video before deployment. Measures for this include; delay, jitter and packet loss.

For further information about Networks First’s Pre-Deployment Assessment please contact our Professional Services Team or call on 0845 850 5577.

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