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Managed Network Security Services

Managed Network
Security Services

Fast Facts
  • 90% of large organisations and 74% of small businesses had a security breach, an increase from 81% and 60% a year ago.
  • Average costs to a large organisation = £1.46m -£31.4m, up from £600k – £1.15m last year.
  • Average costs to a small organisation = £75k-311k, up from £65k-£115k last year.
  • 69% of large organisations and 38% of small businesses were attacked by an unauthorised outsider in the last year.
  • 75% of large organisations and 31% of small businesses suffered staff related security breaches last year.

*Statistics from Department for Business, Innovation and Skills – Information Security Breaches Survey 2015 Report.

Networks First’s Managed Network Security Service is a suite of integrated service modules which can be deployed to proactively monitor your private cloud security and performance to optimise the quality of service. As an out-tasking service it allows you to effectively manage costs without sacrificing control.

Please click on the individual service modules for more information:

Core Monitoring Services Traffic Analysis (Netflow) Configuration Change Management WAN Provider Incident Management VoIP Quality Monitoring Port Assessment Performance Reporting Vulnerability Assessment as a Service Mobile Security Managed Firewall & Unified Threat Management Service Password Management Identity & Access Management SIEM Managed IPS & IDS Service Software Compliance Management

Networks First’s Managed Network Security Service pro-actively monitors network security 24//7. When any network security issues are detected, our dedicated team of experienced and fully qualified network security engineers will be instantly notified. The team work pro-actively to reduce risks and provide continuous protection. Our systems are managed exclusively by us, on behalf of our customers, in our secure Network Operations Centre (NOC).

  • Cyber threats are covert
    Therefore organisations do not know that there is an attack or even if a security breach has occurred. The Managed Network Security Service makes these breaches visible.
  • Cyber security is complex
    Organisations may not have the internal skills to monitor their network. The Managed Network Security Service makes it simple.
  • Cyber attacks are continuous
    Attacks are occurring 24x7x365. The Managed Network Security Service will monitor continuously 24x7x365.

Expert Security Knowledge

A managed service solves all of these problems by making the threats visible, Networks First eliminates the complexity through our highly experienced team who are able to continuously monitor your network.

Networks First are uniquely positioned to provide a range of security services across new ‘borderless’ or cloud network environments. Our end to end network expertise combined with our deep perimeter security knowledge allows us to assist customers by providing complete security services from private data centre to device.


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